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Presentations and Participants List

DAY 1 – 2nd of June 2014

Keynote Lecture

  • The transnational and transinstitutional nature of Global Challenges
    Mr. J. Glenn, The Millennium Project - PRESENTATION

Session 1: International Research Cooperation to address Global Challenges

  • EC’s point of view on the role of International Cooperation under Horizon 2020 to address Societal Challenges
    Dr. E. Lipiatou, EC RTD, Directorate C – International Cooperation / C.3 - PRESENTATION
  • The importance of investing in R&D and Innovation in developing countries for addressing Societal Challenges
    Prof. J. Guimon, Autonomous University of Madrid - PRESENTATION
  • Global efforts to address Health challenges
    Dr. R. Bertollini, World Health Organization - PRESENTATION
  • Effectively Governing Multilateral Science & Technology Co-operation in the Context of Global Challenges
    Ms. A. Figueroa, German Development Institute - PRESENTATION

Session 2: Research cooperation in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) area

  • Collaboration with Black Sea Counties – Current and Future Research opportunities
    Dr. Z. Dimadama, International Centre for Black Sea Studies, Greece - PRESENTATION
  • Euro-Mediterranean collaboration opportunities and challenges
    Dr. C. Sessa, Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, Italy - PRESENTATION
  • Research collaboration activities in the Mediterranean
    Dr. Yasser El Shayeb, Cairo University, Egypt

Session 3: Back to the Future

  • Trends and Perspectives for China in the Global Research Environment
    Mr. S. Mantzanakis, Phemonoe Lab, Greece - PRESENTATION
  • Future Challenges facing humanity
    Dr. L. Eidenvall, Kairos Future, Sweden - PRESENTATION
  • Futurists of the World - Unite! The need for international re-shaping of current paradigms.
    Dr. R. Tzezana, The interdisciplinary Centre for Technology Analysis and Forecasting, Israel - PRESENTATION


DAY 2 – 3rd of June 2014

Open Only to the National INCO Experts

Session I: International Cooperation in Horizon 2020

  • INCONTACT 2020 - Supporting International Cooperation under H2020
    Mr. G. Tzamtzis, PRAXI Network, Greece - PRESENTATION

Session II: The Peppy way

Session III: Experiences and Cooperation Opportunities

Bilateral science & technology agreements: All the things that the EU should learn from the USA and from Member States.

INCO Experts training: Understanding Horizon 2020

  • Europe 2020: what does innovation mean?
    Vasilis Papanikolaou, Consultant, KiNNO Consultants Ltd, Greece - PRESENTATION
  • Innovation related initiatives and networks
    Martina Desole, head of unit “industrial leadership”, Agency for the Promotion of European Research - PRESENTATION
  • European Research Council (ERC) goes global campaign’
    Béatrice Thiry, Communications Officer, ERC Executive Agency - PRESENTATION, ERC Step-by-Step video:
  • The international dimension of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions
    Maria Samara, National Contact Point for MSCA, National Documentation Center, Greece - PRESENTATION


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