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Conference Programme

1st of June 2014

20.00 Official Welcome - Networking Event, New Acropolis Museum


DAY 1 – 2nd of June 2014

09.00 Registration

09.30 Greetings

  • Dr. C. Vassilakos, General Secretariat of Science and Technology, Greece
  • Dr. E. Lipiatou, EC. RTD, Directorate C – International Cooperation/ C.3
  • Prof. C. Fotakis, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
  • Mr. E. Christofilopoulos, INCONTACT 2020 Coordinator

10.00 Keynote Lecture

  • The transnational and transinstitutional nature of Global Challenges
    Mr. J. Glenn, The Millennium Project

11.30 Session 1: International Research Cooperation to address Global Challenges
Session Chair: Prof. C. Fotakis, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas

  • EC’s point of view on the role of International Cooperation under Horizon 2020 to address Societal Challenges
    Dr. E. Lipiatou, EC RTD, Directorate C – International Cooperation / C.3
  • The importance of investing in R&D and Innovation in developing countries for addressing Societal Challenges
    Prof. J. Guimon, Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Global efforts to address Health challenges
    Dr. R. Bertollini, World Health Organization
  • Effectively Governing Multilateral Science & Technology Co-operation in the Context of Global Challenges
    Ms. A. Figueroa, German Development Institute
  • Discussion

13.00 Lunch break

14.00 Session 2: Research cooperation in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) area
Session Chair: Ms Almudena Carrero, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain

  • An overview of Research Cooperation in the ENP countries
    European Commission, RTD, Directorate C – International Cooperation / C.3
  • Collaboration with Black Sea Counties – Current and Future Research opportunities
    Dr. Z. Dimadama, International Centre for Black Sea Studies, Greece
  • Euro-Mediterranean collaboration opportunities and challenges
    Dr. C. Sessa, Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, Italy
  • Research collaboration activities in the Mediterranean
    Dr. Yasser El Shayeb, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Discussion

15.45 Session 3: Back to the Future
Session Chair: Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, PRAXI Network, Greece

  • Trends and Perspectives for China in the Global Research Environment
    Mr. S. Mantzanakis, Phemonoe Lab, Greece
  • Future Challenges facing humanity
    Dr. L. Eidenvall, Kairos Future, Sweden
  • Futurists of the World - Unite! The need for international re-shaping of current paradigms.
    Dr. R. Tzezana, The interdisciplinary Centre for Technology Analysis and Forecasting, Israel
  • Discussion

17.00 Conclusions

  • Conclusions of the Conference Chair
  • Invitation to the 6th INCO Conference, Beijing, China
    Dr. J. Xing, Deputy Director General of China Science and Technology Exchange Center

20.00 Networking Dinner


DAY 2 – 3rd of June 2014

Open Only to the National INCO Experts

09.00 Welcome

09.30 Session I: International Cooperation in Horizon 2020

  • INCONTACT 2020 update
    Mr. E. Christofilopoulos, PRAXI Network, Greece
  • International Cooperation, 6 months into Horizon 2020
    European Commission, RTD, Directorate C – International Cooperation / C.3

10.30 Session II: The Peppy way

  • Open discussion on future cooperation

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Session III: Experiences and Cooperation Opportunities
Chair: Dr. Diassina Di Maggio, Director, Agency for the Promotion of the European Research

  • Industrialized countries: USA, Canada, Japan
    Dr. Toshiyasu Ichioka, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Institute for International Studies and Training, Japan
  • BRIC (M): Brazil, Russia, India, China
    Ms. Mary Anne Colin Gascon, Coordinator, Office for Mexico-EU Cooperation in ST&I, National Council of Science and Technology, Mexico
  • Emerging economies and ENP: Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt (only R&I Programmes open to EU)
    Mr. Aldo Stroebel, Executive Director, International Relations & Cooperation, National Research Foundation, South Africa
  • Q&A

13.00 Bilateral science & technology agreements: All the things that the EU should learn from the USA and from Member States.
Dr Derek Jan Fikkers, Technopolis Group

13.20 Conclusions of the INCO NCP meeting

13.30 Light Lunch

14.30 INCO Experts training : Understanding Horizon 2020

  • Europe 2020: what does innovation mean?
    Vasilis Papanikolaou, Consultant, KiNNO Consultants Ltd, Greece
  • Innovation related initiatives and networks
    Martina Desole, head of unit “industrial leadership”, Agency for the Promotion of European Research
  • European Research Council (ERC) goes global campaign’
    Béatrice Thiry, Communications Officer, ERC Executive Agency
  • The international dimension of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions
    Maria Samara, National Contact Point for MSCA, National Documentation Center, Greece


Satellite Meetings and Events – 4th of June 2014

INCONTACT 2020 Project Meeting (E. Christofilopoulos)

CONSIDER Project Workshop

JEUPISTE Project Training

EUMEX INNOVA project meeting

You may download the final programme here: