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Programme and Speakers


"Joint Innovation, Common Prosperity"

Beijing, 17-18 June 2015
Venue: A.C. Embassy Hotel


16th of June 2015
Roof Garden, 9F, A.C. Embassy Hotel

19.00-22:00 Welcome Banquet


DAY 1 – 17th of June 2015
A.C. Hall, 2F

09.00 Registration

Moderator: Dr. Jijun XING, Deputy Director General of CSTEC

09.30 Greetings

  • Dr Hong SUN, Director General of CSTEC
  • Dr Laurent BOCHEREAU, Science Counsellor at EU Delegation Beijing
  • Mr Epaminondas CHRISTOFILOPOULOS, INCONTACT 2020 Coordinator, FORTH

10.00 Keynote Lecture: Diversity and Flexibility in International Cooperation [presentation]

  • Dr Yonglong LV, Former Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

10.30 Coffee break

10.50 Session I: Global Landscape Shaped by the Innovation Map

  • Reform and Development of China’s Innovation System [presentation]
    Mr Jing LV, Director, Department of Innovation and Development, Ministry of Science and Technology of China
  • How the EU work together in order to facilitate Global Research and Innovation Cooperation [presentation]
    Mr Dan ANDREE, VINNOVA, Chair of the EU’s Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC)
  • International Research and Innovation Cooperation: Prospects for the Future [presentation]
    Mag. Andrea HOGLINGER, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
  • Research Collaboration between China and Europe: LIAMA, the Case of ICT [presentation]
    Prof. Phong NGUYEN, Director of the Sino-European Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics (LIAMA)
  • Mechanisms and Models to Foster Innovation Cooperation in Urbanization Sector [presentation]
    Mr. Massimo BAGNASCO, Managing Director and Partner, Progetto CMR Beijing
  • Discussion

12.30 Lunch break (1st floor)

Moderator: Mr Keqin DONG, Director of European Affairs, CSTEC

13.30 Session II: Innovation Cooperation Connecting the Asia Pacific Region and Europe

  • The Eco-system of Industrial Innovation in China [presentation]
    Mr Tan MO, Deputy Director of the Torch High-tech Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Cooperation, Collaboration and Co-creation - Europe, Japan and STI [presentation]
    Dr Toshiyasu ITCHIOKA, Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • Ensuring Sustainable Collaborations amidst Rapidly Changing Regional and Global Dynamics [presentation]
  • Innovation cooperation: Juggling with the logics of internationalization, markets and national development [presentation]
    Prof. Doris FISCHER, University of Wuerzburg
  • Discussion

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Session III: Future Innovation Collaboration in Priority Areas of Interest

  • Agriculture: China and Europe in the Global Livestock-Feed Complex: Collaboration for Innovative Solutions to Social and Environmental Challenges [presentation]
    Dr Mindi SCHNEIDER, Institute for Social Studies (ISS)
  • Agriculture: EU-China Cooperation on Veterinary Science will be going on and on [presentation]
    Dr Hong YIN, President of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Urbanization: Integrating Water and Energy Saving into Urban Planning and Design [presentation]
    Prof. Simon SPOONER, Atkins – UK
  • Urbanization: Green ICT for Urbanization: Prospects and Challenges [presentation]
    Prof. Xiaohu GE, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Discussion

17.10 Conclusions

  • Dr Giorgos TZAMTZIS, INCONTACT 2020 Coordinator, FORTH
  • Dr Jijun XING, Deputy Director General, CSTEC

17.20 Closure

19.30 Official Conference Dinner (1st floor)


DAY 2 – 18th of June 2015
General meeting and Second Training for INCO Experts
No. 2 Meeting Room, 2F

09.30-11.00 NCP Meeting

  • INCONTACT Legacy: Helping International cooperation over the years [presentation]
    Giorgos Tzamtzis, Coordinator of the INCONTACT 2020 project, Praxi Network – Greece
  • Setting up an NCP Network – the South African experience [presentation]
    Toto Matshediso, Deputy Director: Strategic Partnership, Department of Science and Technology - South Africa
  • Operating an NCP Network – the Chinese experience [presentation]
    Huanhuan XIA, Project Officer, Division of European Affairs, China Science and Technology Exchange Center - China

11.30-13.00 NCP Training on Horizontal Issues

  • Intellectual Property Rights: an overview [presentation]
    Reinout van Malenstein, IP Expert Chinar IRP SME Helpdesk
  • Embedding of the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020 [presentation]
    Elena Maffia, APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea
  • The Evaluation process: ethical screening and ethical review [presentation]
    Paolo Squillace, CEO Sophia S.r.l., Ethical Reviewer Horizon 2020

13.00-14.00 Lunch (1st floor)

15.00-16.00 Visit to Zhongguancun Innovation Science Park


INCONTACT 2020 Project Meeting
18.00 – 20.00
No. 2 Meeting Room, 2F